This was the occasion for our recent hike. There is an elevation gain of about 870 feet, so it's a good workout. Locations: Front Country, Montecito Sub Regions: Cold Spring Canyon. Montecito Peak is near the top of the Cold Spring Trail, which connects East Mountain Drive to East Camino Cielo Drive along the top of the Santa Ynez Mountains. Then make a left on E Mountain Dr and go up about a mile and there will be a small parking lot on the right which is where you will park the car at the bottom of the run. – You’ll immediately climb up steep, wooden steps and walk along a creek. To continue on the Cold Spring Trail, climb for another 1/4 of a mile, and you'll reach a juncture with the Cold Springs - Hot Springs Cutoff. I have hiked them all, measured them with a pedometer and took notes along the way. Things got Upper Cold Spring Trail climbs through beautiful sandstone and chaparral to East Camino Cielo Road. “Over the last two years, the Cold Spring Trail has hosted many months of work, but more than that, it’s been a place for us to get together and begin to rebuild our lives,” said Ashlee Mayfield, president of the Montecito Trails Foundation. The Vedanta Temple is a peaceful spot for meditation and a stroll. The Cold Spring Trail then climbs out of the canyon by switchbacking up to the Montecito Overlook point. Go to the left and cross the creek. Hiking is a quintessential Montecito “do,” with varying levels of difficulty and duration between Cold Spring Trail, Hot Springs Canyon, San Ysidro Trail and Tangerine Falls. On Sunday, we ventured out with several of my co-workers on the Cold Spring Trail in Montecito. Bond., Author: Montecito Journal, Name: Bond. Be on the lookout for poison oak hanging onto the trail. He has done a ton of great work and has rebuilt the trail from the top of West Fork to the East Fork intersection with a mini excavator and many other tools. Driving Directions Get Directions to Cold East which is located at 34.45642952888426,-119.65323972632177. I have done that hike probably hundreds of times in the past 34 years. The full Cold Spring Trail is about 9 miles rounds trip, but there are plenty of benches and loop turnoffs if you’re looking for a shorter hike. Local Club: Santa Barbara Mountain Bike Trail Volunteers. Shared By: James M. ... Montecito, CA. I list hikes that I've done. Montecito, CA Intermediate. What Makes It Great. Multiple paths emerge out of the same trail head, … Although both Laguna Blanca and Montecito Union School are already connected to the San Ysidro walking path, Powell said plans are still afoot to connect both Cold Spring School and Cleveland Elementary School, and ultimately create a network that will allow pedestrians to walk safely from Summerland through Montecito all the way to Santa Barbara. Hike the Cold Spring Trail to Montecito Peak. Land Manager: USFS - Los Padres National Forest Office Eventbrite - Artemisia Academy presents Medicinal Herb Walks of Santa Barbara - Cold Spring Trail - Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Cold Spring Trailhead, Montecito, CA. View Larger Map. – Start at the main Cold Spring Trail head. From here, you'll have stunning views of the Santa Barbara coast and the nearby islands. The Sage Center at UCSB brings distinguished fellows to speak. After 1 mile on trail, you'll come to a junction where the left turn takes you on a power-line road that goes over Cold Spring Canyon. Two years after it was all but wiped out by the 1/9 Debris Flow, the Cold Spring Trailhead on East Mountain Drive reopened this Sunday, January 12. Cold Spring Trail Loop is an incredibly beautiful trail in the Santa Barbara/Montecito foothills. Stay to the right, following the trail for another 1/4 of a mile, and you'll arrive at the ruins of the Montecito Hot Springs Club, as well as the hot pools themselves. Our site covers trail camps, campgrounds and hiking trails for backpacking, mountain biking near the Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai, San Luis Obispo, Monterrey and Los Angeles areas Cold Spring Trail - East Fork - A Resource for exploring the Northern and Southern Los Padres National Forest. Begin your ascent and at the first fork stay right on East Fork. More Los Padres National Forest Photos Montecito Peak / Cold Springs Trail Photos (Click image to view larger size) More Los Padres National Forest Photos Armed with my new map from the Montecito Trails Foundation, I was able to find the hot springs for which the trail is named, as well as the ruins of an old resort. From East Mountain Drive, the Cold Spring Trail ascends Cold Spring Canyon a short distance before it splits into east and west forks. Get Directions To The Cold Spring East Fork Trail Trailhead . Jun 19, 2019: Elings Trail Work Wednesday. Find event and ticket information. Montecito, CA Intermediate. It's a moderate hike of about 3.6 miles. Intermediate. Intermediate. General Description: Montecito Hot Springs is an old abandoned hot springs resort from the 1800's located in the San Padres Forest in the coastal mountains of California.Today the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County manages the property and hikers make the trek up the canyon to view the stone ruins and exotic plantings, the only remnants of the hot springs resorts. I missed hearing the news of the official opening, but by coincidence, I hiked it the day before the official opening. By Robert Bernstein The Cold Spring Trail is now officially open! Cold Spring Trail: From Mountain Drive to Montecito Overlook is 3.4 miles round trip with 900-foot gain; return via Hot Springs Canyon is a 5.5-mile loop; to Montecito Peak is 7.5 miles round trip with 2,500-foot gain; to Camino Cielo is 9 miles round trip with 2,700-foot gain Cold Spring School. First Hike: 4-27-2013. Jun 8, 2019: Cold Spring Shuttle Trail Work Day. – About a quarter-mile in, you’ll come across a bench and a signed junction for the West Fork of the Cold Spring Trail. Apr 22, 2020: A quick trip from our last trail work post to now: Trail Academy, TrailForce, Trail Work Days, and an Executive Director!! Trail re-routing by natural or man-made influences and other conditions may have changed the trails slightly from the time I wrote them up to the time you hike them, so it's possible some information could be a slightly incorrect. Take Olive Mill Rd until and it will become Hot Springs Rd. The celebration will take place at the Cold Spring Trailhead on East Mountain Drive in Montecito. Location: Montecito, south of Santa Barbara.From Highway 101, take the Olive Mill Road exit (94A) and head north (left if you’re coming from Santa Barbara; right if from Ventura or L.A.) Sunday 10-14-18 West Fork Cold Spring We collaborated with Montecito Trails Foundation for today's work. This connector trail splits off from the Cold Spring trail, passes through the Montecito Hot Springs and ends at the Edison Catway. And sometimes we are privileged to take these visitors out hiking in our area. To get to the Cold Spring Trail head out on the 101 Freeway towards Santa Barbara\Montecito and exit on at Olive Mill Rd. MTF hired a trail builder to rebuild the trail, Doug Hulett. During severe winter storms, Cold Springs Creek above Montecito turns into a torrent of mud, ... Alison Hardy hikes among the boulders exposed at the Cold Spring Creek December 4, 2018. Looking in the opposite direction, Montecito Peak and its … Cold Spring Trail is mostly in good condition and has several key milestones to soak in along the way, including some bedrock pools where you can sunbathe at the three-quarter mile mark. I also looped around on a few nearby trails. The path to Montecito Peak follows the creek up the East Fork before climbing out of the canyon to a vista point separating Cold Spring and Hot Springs Canyon. Features: running creek, water cascades, ocean views, shaded trails. Upper Cold Spring Trail: Upper Cold Spring Trail starts from the Edison Catway at the top of East Fork Trail. See 31 photos and 2 tips from 214 visitors to Cold Springs Trail. Bond., Length ... Far Flung Travel Chuck Graham ascends the Montañon Ridge Loop Trail on … Montecito, CA 2 0.5 mi 0.7 km #6 Saddle Rock Trail. Alert. The trail begins next to private property. You will also find the Montecito Overlook at the one-and-a-half-mile mark, the Montecito Peak at the three-and-a-half-mile mark, and finally the Camino Cielo at the four-and-a-half-mile mark. "Love this trail! This spot gives you the best view of the coastline of California in either direction. In Montecito, Cold Spring Trail takes about 45 minutes to reach the top, the trail is shaded for most of the trail, it crosses a creek the creek here and there, and then offers ocean and mountain views at … Park in the lot east of where Cold spring creek intersects Mountain Road. RECOMMENDED ROUTE Romero Loop 10.2 mi 16.5 km • 2,366' Up 721.14 m Up • 2,364' Down 720.68 m Down. Two years later, the trail is reopening at 9:00 a.m. on January 12, sponsored by the Montecito Trails Foundation and First District Supervisor Das Williams. Looking south from the Montecito Overlook Through the oaks on the Cold Spring Trail, descending from the overlook Montecito Overlook via Cold Springs Trail Loop. Earlier this month, the Cold Spring canyon trails were officially re-opened to the public, the last of the front country trails seriously damaged during the Montecito debris flows.