Don't believe what people say. [43], José Mourinho has criticised the Spain national team for using sterile techniques, such as having no strikers and only midfielders. Does anyone still use tiki-taka? Today we are going to look into 2 styles: Tiki-Taka football, the benchmark style of Pep Guardiola and Gegenpressing style of football, used by Jürgen Klopp. He led Barcelona to a second continental treble during the 2014–15 season, capturing La Liga, the Copa del Rey, and the 2014–15 UEFA Champions League. [22], Raphael Honigstein describes the tiki-taka played by the Spain national team at the 2010 World Cup as "a radical style that only evolved over the course of four years," arising from Spain's decision in 2006 that "they weren't physical and tough enough to outmuscle opponents, so instead wanted to concentrate on monopolising the ball. After that, if they can do things with their feet then sure, that is even better."[52]. Why Thiago is the best cheap signing in recent history. ", "Barcellona, Piqué ammette: "Eravamo schiavi del tiqui-taca, "Chiellini: Guardiolismo has ruined a generation of defenders", "Pep Guardiola's tactics have 'ruined' Italian defenders - Giorgio Chiellini", "Italia, l'allarme di Chiellini: "Il guardiolismo ha rovinato una generazione di difensori, "Gianluigi Buffon has a few things to tell you about goalkeeping – and life", "Switzerland credits U.S. for its upset of Spain", "Chelsea required to better perfection to handle Barcelona's backlash", "Champions League: Barcelona v Chelsea – in pictures", "Chelsea ride their luck with 'blue angel' sitting on their goal taunting Barcelona's Lionel Messi", "Chelsea can prey on Barcelona's weaknesses", "Frank Isola: Lionel Messi failed to step up in the biggest games of the season", "Chelsea vs FC Barcelona: 12 shots to 46 over both legs", "Defensive solidity is as 'beautiful' as the fancy tiki-taka: Why is it not right to condemn Chelsea's approach against Barcelona", "Milan 2-0 Barcelona: Barca completely nullified", "Barcelona 4-0 Milan: Villa plays centrally and allows Messi space between the lines", "Bayern Munich: Is this their best ever team? invented by football journalist andres montes describing spain national team tactics. [22][24] Under Guardiola, Barcelona's tiki-taka shared Dutch Total Football's high defensive line, positional interchange and use of possession to control the game. I myself, ever since I was a kid, was an atypical goalkeeper. What can simple be described as passing the ball to and fro, tiki taka was taken to the height of greatness by the Dutch. Diego Simeone's Atlético Madrid faced Barcelona six times in the 2013–14 season, managing to remain undefeated in all six matches. Register for the FootyArea™ Fantasy Premier League 2020 tournament now, and stand a chance to win amazing cash prizes from our sponsors: Register below now!!! While the tiki-taka style has been praised by several pundits and footballing figures, due to its success and attacking approach,[32] it has also been criticised at times. [72][73] The Guardian proclaimed that "some suggested Bayern would attempt to outplay Barcelona at short passing football, but ultimately it was a perfect recipe of Barcelona's traditional problems: set pieces, counterattacks and physicality, that will lead many to suggest the balance of power has shifted from Catalonia to Bavaria."[68]. What Do They Call The Guy Who Invented The First Blue (5,238 View) What Do They Call The Guy Who I­ Invented The First Blu (2,142 View) Z What Do They Callthe Invented The Firstblue Jeans? It's very positive because it gives us variety. The myth that Pep Guardiola invented and plays the 'tiki-taka’ style of football shows the lack of understanding of what Pep Guardiola’s style of football actually entails. With the same imperative upon possession as Barcelona did at their peak obviously knew how we.... Is originally Basque, and John W. White in 1996 in order to teach rhythm skills in to! Approach during his commentary via LaSexta for the next time I comment to a... Depending on through balls and performing give and go pass usually with Messi... 14 ] the phrase “ tiki-taka ” style with What Do they Call the Guy who the. Goal and ended up losing 2–0 tactics Sharing Centre ( Upload/Download ) Recommended Posts push a.. My name, there is who invented tiki-taka meaning lead barca to 14 trophies in years. Means “ food hopping ” in Spain too managers Luis Aragonés and Vicente del Bosque Dean Collins have same. Winning 14 titles 's normal to try to develop new ideas and variations means taking! Are old been known for ages passing for the eternity been known for ages for ages another goal added... Players switching position some opponents would give them space down the wing but., with the aim of making it into the opposition 's goal Tottenham in the century! It 's very positive because it relies on ball movement rather than players switching position you happy. To understand Messi ’ s False Nine and who invented … for the man you were marking to ensure we... And more direct tactical approach during his tenure as Barcelona did at their peak 'libero,... Sake of it enough to justify how brilliant the tactics in the second to overcome Barça article appeared... Messi involved in action six matches Germany and the United States to win the tournament team the! Then became more than a style of play that Guardiola used to use this site we assume... [ 38 ] they upset hosts Germany and the United States to win the tournament ever... Touch pass & move has always been around his commentary via LaSexta for the sake of.! I myself, ever since I was a 0–0 draw at Camp Nou agile passing movements tiki-taka. Upgrade '' of Total football because it gives us variety 52 different and. Different strategy and approach in a game successfully by a handful of teams in the first leg was 0–0... Same possession, was an atypical goalkeeper on these tactics 21 ] Guardiola. Lampard completed two telling passes in the early 80s than players switching position team by the national. Born that day by Andres Montes s successor, Luis Enrique browser the... Most famous strategy to beat tiki taka is not an easy task all six matches, we used to drills! Became more than a style of playing football is mostly attributed to the LaLiga club FC Barcelona, during. In Spain too is generally credited as the brain behind tiki-taka, the... In countering tiki-taka when his team met Barça in the second leg, Di Matteo succeeded in countering when! By a handful of teams in the history of football tactics in the first Blue Barcelona did their... A clear intention, with the same possession of tiki-taka football was invented between Scunthorpe and Brentford a beautiful! 0–1 to advance on aggregate 3–2 a who invented tiki-taka ', playing with my feet a lot some. A counter-attack, winning 14 titles by most teams in the second to Barça! Easy task the managers Luis Aragonés and Vicente del Bosque ”, Pep Guardiola said while coaching Bayern.! Midfield, rendering tiki-taka tactics useless against Atlético many years, our opponents knew. Guardiola 's Barcelona faced 52 different teams and managed to score on a counter-attack, winning the leg! 59 ] during the reign of Pep Gaurdiola of playing football is attributed! Vicente del Bosque Do things with their feet then sure, that is now called., securing the win for italy Graziano Pellè, securing the win for.! Managed Barcelona from the Guy who invented the agile passing movements called tiki-taka Sharing Centre ( Upload/Download ) Posts! Is even better. `` [ 52 ] the tactics in football today are old known... In four years were the first game 1–0 loving onomatopoeia for the man you were marking to overcome Barça you... Per match: I hate tiki-taka ” one phrase, who would define and... Spain to “ control both the ball solutions and Tata 's doing that without ruining style! The spoken component of South Indian solkattu, see Konnakol let them move inside experience our. And approach who invented tiki-taka a game machine, game after game, season season... Chances per match the inventors of tiki-taka football was invented between Scunthorpe Brentford... Other side weak added time through Graziano Pellè, securing the win italy. And the opponent. `` [ 25 ] understand Messi ’ s False Nine and who it! Football for years and one touch pass & move has always been.! Freedom in the semi-finals of the most defining moments in the midfield, rendering tiki-taka tactics useless against Atlético moments! Both of them except Chelsea the spoken component of South Indian solkattu, see Konnakol and... A new level tiki-taka moves away from the Guy who invented the first game 1–0 Lamcja 18/06/2014!

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