rifle in .270 generates 16.5 ft-lbs of recoil with a 130-grain load at 3,140 fps. 22-250 vs 223 ballistics 22-250 rifle Previous Post Nikon P-223 3-9×40 BDC 600 Rifle Scope – Best For Trouble Free And Accurate Shooting Next Post How To Skin A Deer – Step By Step Guideline I use a .460 Weatherby for elephants. Hunting with Rifle, Pistol, Muzzle loader and Bow for over 3 decades. It is foolish to hunt elk with such a small caliber. Well, in our opinion the .22-250 wins hands down. Many nations there have the .375 H & H Magnum as the minimum dangerous game rifle. Optics Nightforce Scope … "Kilmanjaro" Bell used a 7mm Mauser on elephants in Africa. Campfire Tracker. definitely not elephant, unless you have a death wish. Add Your Reply Name * E-Mail * Website Comment. My dad and I were working up handloads for the 22-250 and 25-06 and the 25 WSSM here are the results so far. People are always asking why rounds that are bigger than the .308, IE, 30.06, 300 win mag, 338 win mag, 22-250, etc, do not perform or are not chosen for long distance "sniping" It is in fact due to the powder loads, the feature a short propellant column and high ballistic coefficient bullets used for sniper use. As a hunter we have a responsibility to harvest the animal via a quick death. As for 243, never used ours, but after looking at the ballistics its basically a 223 with 100m better optimum reach. Kaleb. 22-250 winchester headstamp 223 remington headstamp fully processed 223/5.56 fully processed 223/5.56 winchester headstamp ... 30-06 federal headstamp 30-06 hornady headstamp 30-06 hxp brass 30-06 lake city brass 30/06 military 30-06 mixed headstamp 30-06 nickel The round is savage that the bullet brakes up … I don't think you'd be giving up anything by going with the 6.5 Creedmoor over a 22-250....I personally think you'd be gaining a much more capable round that could be used more effectively for deer as well as varmints. Using a .473” case head diameter—the same as the .30-06 Springfield and 7x57 Mauser—and a large rifle primer, the .22-250 wildcat offered velocities only slightly less than the larger, semi-rimmed .220 Swift. What is the biggest animal you have killed with these rounds? So its either 22-250 or 223, its all down to personal preference and I think the advantages of 223 outweigh 22-250. As you’d likely expect from looking the cartridges themselves, there are some significant differences in the ballistics of the cartridges. i have killed nothing with either of these calibers simply because i don't have one and don't know anyone who has a .22/250. Posts: 6,324. I'm looking at a Thompson-Center Venture for a varmint rifle in 22-250. There is one for sale or trade near me.. and I have a seldom shot 25-06 or a older mb bolt 30-06 i could trade. You can sign in to vote the answer. It is even more foolish to hunt elephants with a .30-06. .22-250 vs .223. 270 vs 30-06 Caliber comparison. i would go with 243. through this whole ammo scare I've seen .243 on the shelves more than anything else, and its a great round. More often than not, the .22-250 Remington is associated with coyote hunting. Using stretching board as fleshing board? The .300 win magnum has a higher recoil than that of the .30-06, which makes the .30-06 ideal for semi-automatic and automatic guns at a closer range. I personally have not taken any game with either and do not even own a .22-250 as I can't figure out what I would shoot at with it. As you’d likely expect from looking the cartridges themselves, there are some significant differences in the ballistics of the cartridges. These graphs have the decibel levels of several common calibers in their common barrel lengths. Until then, USE ENOUGH GUN. German Mauser K98 M1 Garand Ruger Mini Winchester 94. How do you think about the answers? Couple that fact with the notion that the .22-250 Remington is cheaper to produce—it uses the .473″ case head that the 7x57mm Mauser and .30-06 families all share – and you may see why the younger design has taken root so well. Must see data comparison! Bulk Ammunition on sale, including 22-250 Remington Rifle Rounds. OUT OF STOCK (0) Savage-Stevens 17745 200 22-250. Beretta Browning Cooey Glock Lee Enfield Marlin Mauser Mosin Mossberg Norinco Remington Ruger Sako savage SKS Tikka Tokarev Weatherby Winchester. .22-250. And keep in mind in don't reload. FWIW, W.D.M. 7 years ago.223 is assault riffle amo, typically 300 meters or less range. It condemns the deer to a slow, lingering death and no venison for the hunter. I take bigger calibers for bigger game. So years ago I sold my 22-250 to finance building my perfect coyote rifle, in 25-06. the largest a .22/250 should be used on is a coyote, and nothing bigger. I suggest a 243 in a Win or Rem or even Steyr. Forum member SkeetLee asked: “I am considering a .22-6.5×47 Lapua or a .22-250 AI. .22-250 Brass With Lapua now making .22-250 cases, shooters now have a clear “best choice” for .22-250 cartridge brass: Lapua. Ballistic experts compare recoil of different cartridges. Last edited by StarchedCover; 09/19/14. Stupid acts are committed every day, any one that would use to light of caliber on a game animal is not an ethical hunter. A rifle of the same weight in .30-06 generates 20.1 ft … 300 Win Mag vs 30-06 Cartridge. Graphs and visuals can be filtered and changed by you. If you can shoot like he could, and have the nerve to stand flat-footed against a charging elephant and put a little bitty bullet in precisely the right place, then you can do the same thing. Another vote for .243 running the 115's at 2900-3000 fps. TN. Reloading Rifle, Pistol and shotgun for over 3 decades. Anything .22 caliber (and that includes the .233/5.56) is too light and slim to reliably plow through tissue, muscle n bone of a heavier animal like a deer. of energy. 22-250, the bullet selection, varmint bullets, will be better and time proven, as you want to do minimal damage to pelts, also the TNT type bullets have close to zero chance or ricochet this is one of the reasons the 22-250 has been the king of varmint hunting for so long, very fast "explosive" bullets. I can also bring the Sako .204 Ruger as well just for comparison sakes. . 17 hmr 1911 22-250 300 win mag 30-06 30-30 45-70 7mm 9mm BCL 102 Cz CZ 858 Left hand. I would like to hear what you guys think about the calibers above? I own a .308 and I'm looking out for a smaller caliber. Like most rifles in .22-250 built during the '30s, '40s, and on into the '50s, the first one I owned was built on a war-surplus 1898 Mauser action. But the two that get the most hunting are the 06 and .270. The .223 Remington chambering is the better all ’rounder. Your … They have since moved on to the 30-06 and the other still uses a 308 WCF. We have all the best brands for your firearm at low prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! 22-250 Remington Originally this was a wildcat cartridge made by necking down the .250-3000 savage to .22 caliber. Extremely trained, talented, and lucky hunters and damned fools whom didn't get killed by a pain enraged animal. Listen to OldFuzz, he's shooting you the straight dope. The 22-250 & .220 Swift are the two best Coyote rifles ever invented. the 25-06 would be a straight up deal.. it's a savage 110.. decent shape. 2500+ rounds of barrel life, that's a lot of critters. Seriously the cost of the the Ammo is not a factor look at the cost federal 223 55g $22.00/20 federal 22.250 55g $24.00/20 any thing i hit with 223 or 22.250 they end up dead so i cant ask what worked better for them. Popular posts. 220 Swift vs 22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger Ballistics. But let's pause a moment and get back in touch with the purist inside us. A.22-250 is a varmint cartridge and only idiots and absolute top-notch riflemen and hunters would use it on anything bigger than coyotes or turkey. The .30-06, and its older brother the .30-03, were necked up and down to hold bullets of many different diameters—think about the famous .270 Winchester, .25-06 Remington and .35 Whelen—but Remington released their .280 Remington in 1957. I put it together to shoot 600 F-class with and it liked 80gr Bergers so i used those and it didn't disappoint. Otherwise, something might stomp you into a muddy patch. At least I think it can. May 2, 2016 gunreviews1976 22-250 Calibre Rifles, 223 Calibre Rifles, 243 Calibre Rifles, 25-06 Calibre Rifles, 270 Calibre Rifles, 270 WSM Calibre Rifles, 280 Rem, 30-06 Calibre Rifles, 30-06 … You can do a bunch of shooting at the range and in competition. K. Joined: Jan 2008. A 30-06 will drop anything on the north american continent so use one and be safe. Still have questions? 2 1. mitchellfrank15. My input: Irresponsible hunters who do this are a disgrace and should be caught, fined heavily, and banned from hunting. Do you want to try a 22-250 Pete? I would only go into a field with an African elephant with a larger powerful rifle and at least two trusted hunters over each shoulder. well, i'm new here so if ya'll have already been through this sorry. Due to the popularity of the AR-15 rifle and the fast stream of follow-up shots it affords, coyote hunters that commonly miss more than they hit are embracing a sub-strength caliber. OUT OF STOCK (0) Savage 17923 11FHNS 22-250 HF N/S. Though Norma-brand .22-250 brass is also very good, the new Lapua brass is even more consistent, and it is stronger. I shot an elk with my 30/06, I'm sure with right bullet selection, placement, and mix in good helping of stupidity you could problly kill an elephant with the 30/06. Is the Lee Enfield rifle the only one that uses a magazine and a clip or are there others? The best .22-250 rifle in 2020 will be more than just a coyote gun though, and while it’s perfect for that particular application, the best .22-250 Remington rifles are more than a single note performer. I would think hard about the 22-250 if it was a slow twist barrel, very rare, so you could 80g bullets. Where is a good place to get a clip for a 6.5mm Carcano rifle? I shot a 40 lb yote in mt with my 22/250 But no deer size game. IPL 2020, SRH vs RCB Highlights: RCB, batting first, put up 131/7 against SRH in the IPL 2020 Eliminator. I have shot a coyote or two, believe me when I say, they are not hard to kill. An … An elephant may weigh 4.4 to 7.7 tons. Not a lingering, pain filled episode because your too light bullet only wounded and crippled the animal; who now must lie there in agony while you try to find it and finish it off with another shot. Should Edwin Snowden be Pardoned by President Trump. Also stock up on ammo and gun accessories for your 22-250 Remington rifle. The .30-06 Springfield is very versatile. In short, it’s a screamer, giving a flat trajectory—much flatter than the .222 Remington—and hits prairie dogs, woodchucks, coyotes and foxes very hard. Most hunters and shooters probably agree that the .270 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield are both quite versatile and effective cartridges. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, or press tab to cycle through suggested products based on autocomplete results. As it happens there were 2 guys at the range shooting 200m and 300m with each cartridge one day I was there and we started discussing the various pros and cons. If on the other hand you plan on a "one rifle does it all", to include deer the 6.5CM would be a beautiful choice. Shop online for the best selection and prices of 22-250 Remington rifles at Hinterland Outfitters. The .22-250 Varminter had a long and successful career as a wildcat before finally being civilized by Remington as the .22-250 Remington. Why wont the cylinder on my revolver open now? But its too big for coyote hunting, unless maybe in the UP where you have more forest around you. i was just wondering about the 22-250 ackley cartridge. Find 22-250 Remington Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. While they are both rifle rounds, their calibers, their average grain weights, their fps (feet per second) speeds and their impacts are so radically different that they cannot be compared. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Reason: spelling Semper Fi Re: .22-250 vs .308 Win [Re: StarchedCover] #9189532 09/19/14: Joined: Jan 2008. No doubt you can do a search for 30-06 vs 223 and you find an abundance of graphs, charts and samples. TN. Happy to bring my Sako 22-250 out to the range some time, if St Mary's isn't too much of a hike for you. It is not known exactly when or by whom it was made first, but most sources credits the US gunmaker J.E. There are good sound reason why most states set limits on the weapons used in hunting. I have no .30-06, but if I did, I would use it for nothing bigger than elk. The flat shooting trajectory and the lightning fast velocity of the .22-250 cartridge makes it a powerhouse when varmint shooting from groundhogs to coyotes (and even bigger). Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I've recently settled on the 7-08 as just the ticket, so I have 243, 7-08 and 308 barrels for … The federal ballistics chart for an average range Remington 22-250 shows a 3.56 gram Boat-Tail hollow point bullet in relation to sight line at -0.4 inches at 50 yards, at zero inches at 100 yards, at -1.7 inches at 200 yards and at -7.6 inches at 300 yards. The age old debate continues, which is better for predator hunting, the .223 Remington or the .22-250 Remington? It is consistently in the top 10 in both cartridge and reloading die sales. Doctor dies of virus after complaining of racist treatment, Biden doubts Democratic idea to cancel student debt, Geraldo slams Trump for leaving amid COVID bill chaos, Undefeated NCAA darlings not happy with bowl picture, Calif. hospitals 'bursting at the seams' with virus patients, Boy's bout with virus led to harrowing, rare syndrome, Poll: 50% of Americans see Trump as a 'failed' president, Bure denies attending Kirk Cameron caroling protests, COVID-19 protocols ravage Lions' coaching staff, Moderna has ‘confidence’ vaccine will tackle variants, Lawmakers block Trump's requested changes on virus bill. I only use my .22-250 on varmints. 220 Swift vs 22-250 vs 223 vs 204 Ruger Ballistics. The 06 comes from 1906, the year of its adoption. Cartridge designer Charles Newton had actually beaten Niedner to the punch with a .25-caliber version of the 30-06 case about 1915, but he perfected it as the shorter 250-3000 Savage. We have a responsibility to take game as humanely as possible. Any idiot can hunt an elephant with a BB gun; however most normal people like to be able to survive encounters of various kinds. !CMMG here: https://bit.ly/3cHkvMpWTW shirts!!! By the numbers, according to the ... I’m a gun but so I have a rifle so far in 06 .270 300wm .243 6.5×55 22-250, 223. Two of the most well-known cartridges go head-to-head in this detailed article. first you asked which gun was better.... a 6 thousand dollar 22 250 will outshoot a 200 dollar 30-06.... did you mean to say which ROUND is better? 22-250, the bullet selection, varmint bullets, will be better and time proven, as you want to do minimal damage to pelts, also the TNT type bullets have close to zero chance or ricochet this is one of the reasons the 22-250 has been the king of varmint hunting for so long, very fast "explosive" bullets. Two types of hunters use weapons like these on unlikely animals. SC . Sniper’s Hide is a community of Snipers of all kinds, focusing on long range shooting, accuracy, and ballistics. Another hunter said he shortened his life by running after them when most were not brought down by such a small caliber. a person could take down an elk with a .17 hmr or a .22 with a well placed shot. 300 Win Mag.300 winchester mag cartridges were first produced in 1963. 'Karamojo" Bell killed hundreds of elephant with a .256 Rigby. It is close to a 'dangerous' game round, still, it is stretching it a bit for elephant. An '06 is as good a deer cartridge as you could ask for, and will work on elk or big bears, but I don't consider it a great elk or grizzly cartridge. A .22-250 is a varmint cartridge and only idiots and absolute top-notch riflemen and hunters would use it on anything bigger than coyotes or turkey. ... • .22-250 Remington vs. .220 Swift 75-550 yards never had a problem. All Niedner did was neck down the 30-06 to hold a .257” bullet. British soldiers used to take them all the time with their .303s. Campfire Tracker. Some will argue and some will down right disagree, but in the woods of New York nothing dumps a coyote like a 55-grain ballistic tip exploding out of a bolt action rifle chambered in the .22-250 Remington. I'd take a .30-06 for Asian elephants, that's not a huge stretch. Shotgun 12 Gauge 20 Gauge. For every story about some hunter who bags an animal with an inadequate gun there are dozens more about animals that got away only to die in pain from the wounds. As factory loaded, the .22-250 Remington drives a 55 grain spitzer bullet (SD .157, BC about .255) at 3,680 fps with 1,654 ft. lbs. .22-250 vs .223. The 22-250 is just a smidge faster than the 223, and in reality the 223 is easier to get your hands on with NATO rounds and is far cheaper. You must log in or register to reply here. The 22-250 will give you a sharper "crack" than a 30-06 because it is moving faster. I would argue that brass and ammo (including Lapua) is normally readily available for the 243. And for those that are, realize this: A bolt-action .22-250 and an AR-15 .223 firing the same 53-grain V-Max have a difference in drop of less than 2.5 inches at 300 yards (6.7-inch drop vs. 9-inch drop). In our Shooters’ Forum, there has been an interesting discussion of the 6.5×47 Lapua case necked down to .22 caliber. Rifle Remington 700 ADL .22-250 Rem Bolt Action Rifle with 3. I've taken White tail deer with both my .25-06 and .270 which are .30-06s necked down to .25 and .27 caliber respectively, if THAT COUNTS. Seems we always want to talk about later down the … Posts: 6,324. As illustrated in the chart,.22-250 Remington rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 3790 feet per second (fps) while.30-06 Springfield rounds travel at a velocity of 2820 fps. Ballistics Charts & Data. both rounds are capable of bringing down big game but i perfer the .30-06. if you are going to start a thread looking for information we will require a bit more information. Long story short, the 22-250 … 22-250 Remington Load Data; 22-250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data; 220 Swift Load Data; 223 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 6mm PPC-USA Load Data; 6mm Creedmoor Load Data; 6mm Bench Rest Remington Load Data ; 243 Winchester Load Data; 6mm Remington Load Data; 243 Win Super Short Magnum (WSSM) Load Data; 240 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 250-3000 Savage Load … Truly appreciate you watching the videos!! Don't get the .204 22.250 is much better.